Kart hydraulic discharge chutes

Kart's hydraulic discharge chutes represent the best in the industry. Users in other Nordic countries have also taken note of this, and so we continuously deliver hydraulic discharge chutes also to our cooperation partners in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Our product development staff has succeeded in incorporating the valuable development suggestions received from users into the product properties, and consequently Kart's hydraulic discharge chutes have achieved popularity and a solid position because of their usability and functionality. The properties of the chute profile have been found to be the most functional in terms of concrete flow and also its serviceability.

We manufacture discharge chutes in three lengths (5, 7 and 9 m). All models are available with full hydraulic operation, in which case switching from the idle to the operating position is fully hydraulic, as are the operating functions. In our production, we use steel grade Raex 400 which is wear-resistant and surface-pressure-resistant. In this way, our products achieve a higher bearing capacity and longer service life in demanding conditions.