Truck mixers

Kart's product range includes a large selection of truck mixers. Truck mixers with a nominal holding capacity of 4-14 cubic metres are among our standard container models. Our smallest model has a capacity of 4 cubic metres and is well suited for placement on top of a two-axle chassis. The largest model has a capacity of 14 cubic metres, making it suitable for installation on a semi-trailer chassis.

High-quality raw materials and our production efficiency enable competitive machine shop manufacturing in a modern production environment.

In truck mixer technology and hydraulics applications we use available high-quality brands. This allows us to ensure that the concrete processing applications we deliver to the user are guaranteed to function in the demanding environment of concrete transport. The northern climate also affects our product design and component selection. Therefore, we offer our clients fully galvanized, testing-company-approved pressure vessels and water loops for use as water containers, for example.