Slurry dewatering

We design and manufacture equipment for dewatering organic and inorganic slurry. Our belt filter press models are divided into CP and HP model series on the basis of their application and effectiveness. The belt filter presses are manufactured utilizing modern technology and taking usage conditions and serviceability into consideration. Our belt filter presses enable the achievement of an exceedingly high degree of water separation even in the case of challenging slurries, making them highly competitive relative to the costs incurred in investing in and using them.

To reduce the water content in slurry, we also manufacture pre-separation drains operated by a rotating wire, on spiral feed or by gravity. Pre-separation drains help to achieve more solid slurry before feeding it to the belt filter press, and improve the solid matter content of the final sludge. In addition, we manufacture polymer mixing units and flocculators used to mix the pre-fabricated polymer solution with the slurry being processed to improve the separation of water from the slurry.