Machine building and equipment prototype manufacturing

We offer comprehensive machine building and equipment prototype manufacturing services according to customers' needs. Ensuring manufacturability affects the success of manufacturing production equipment and prototypes, and so we are happy to present our view for the benefit of the customer at the design phase.

Our manufacturing is based on the customer's drawings and comprises anything from a single product to complete machine and equipment delivery. Our services include pre-treatment, welding and sheet metal work, machining, etching and surface treatment. In addition to machine building and mechanical assembly, we handle the installation, electrification and instrumentation of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. Our comprehensive services enable customers to save time, money and the environment, as different work phases can be executed in the same place in our up-to-date machine shop.

We master high-quality welding of special steel, acid-proof and stainless steel and aluminium. We specialize in welding highly demanding products, such as low-pressure containers. Surface treatment is performed in the sandblasting and surface-treatment facilities at our machine shop. Pieces made of bright steel are etched by spray- or immersion-acidification on our premises.